DevOps - Running TestSet

In this article I would like to give some ideas on how to implement a "system" to run TestSet composed of Automatic Tests (UFT GUI/Service Tests).


There are 3 arguments I would like focus in: 

  • the identification of the TestSets to be executed
  • the provisioning of a client machine that will execute tests.
  • the call to the procedure to run the testset



The first thing you have to choose is to decide which kind of TestSets will be executed.

You can choose between: 


  1. Default TestSets: You have to understand how to manage executor machines
  2. Functional TestSets: the Lab Management will manage client machines for you (but it seems this feature will be abandoned by Microfocus)


In the 1st case you can use complete OTA API to retrieve information from ALM about  TestSets to be executed and to perform the RunTestSet method.

When you execute the TestSet you have to choose the Run Method to use:

  • Local host: the execution is on the same machine
  • A particular host: this is the information registered for the TestInstance
  • A host in a pool: more difficult because you must implement a software layer to manage hosts.


In the 2nd case Lab Management does most of the work. You have only to implement the REST API that will understand which are the TestSets to be executed and create an instantaneous timeslot and the Lab will manage the client machine (choose the available client and login) and run the testset.



I've studied some solutions using:  

  1. OTA API & vbscript (Complete Scripting)
  2. REST API & Lab Management (for Functional TestSets)
  3. REST API & Jenkins Pipeline using ALM plugin (for Default TestSets - mix Scripting + Jenkins functionality)


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