Friend Site List

Site Note site about generic program languages. you can find lots of information about vbs functions

HP Quality Center and QTP Forum

Interesting site with lots of vbs example, useful also for QTP

Prof. John Scarpino's Site rich of arguments and articles on test and not only

Site about Testing

Assure is HP's partner and it is about Business Intelligence. TotalView is their tool for reports/dashboard for QC/ALM

One of the most famous forum for SW Testing and Quality Assurance

This is a friend of mine's site Giuseppe Maggi. He's an Android professor and you can find many interesting articles about android world, well explained but in Italian. If you need to know better you can ask me and I can give his contacts. 

Site of Rulf Hemmerling about IT in general and specific manner for every type of arguments. In particular for ALM: this one and this other