Standard Process to Manage Projects



Often you need to create Projects that hasve the same structure (folders and objects) and the same functionality, as workflows and objects management, to others Projects.

The interface of creation of a new project in Site Admin part of the tool enable you to create and copy of some or all parts starting from another project. However this not always have be done in the right manner and the new project must be manage in second time. Other thing very important is that if you need to update something in workflow or in the manage of objects you should done this update several times for all the projects with the same structure.


Quality Center Version 10 introduce a powerful concept, consists on a "Model" Project from whom create new projects and do update directly on it, the Template, and then applied on linked projects. So Update are done only in one place.


However we notice a problem during the creation of Projects directly from the Template. We notice that the folder structure not always become as we expected. So the process we've study consists in 2 steps:

  • Creation of the Project as Structure from a "Schema" Project (it must have also all the custom buttons)
  • Link of the New Project to the Template


Firstable is necessary create the Template. This must have the same "Schema Project" structure. It will have also all the functionality custom code to manage workflows and objects under the "Template Scripts" part of the Script Editor.




Template Script Editor


Let's see how is structured the Script Editor of the Template. From the picture below we can see 2 parts: "Template Scripts" and "Project Scripts".


The first is the one that is common to all the linked projects. Updating code here and applying it to all the linked project all of them work as it.


The second part is specific for the Project whom you're working on. This is true for Template and standard Projects.




Script Editor of linked project has a locked icon near all Templates modules because are in read-only mode.







Shared Objects


Template is the Central Point of all the linked projects. Objects that tempate shared are:

  • Groups
  • Project Entities
  • Requirements Type
  • Lists
  • Script Editor


This does not mean that Projects are close and must follow the Template behavior. It is possible to manage all these objects in a particular manner if the Project needs. However I don't suggest this solution because to many particular thing are not so easy to manage and also the environment could be not so stable. The template concept could not be reached.


Note: a new field in the Template will have inside the name the suffix "TEMPLATE" and it will distributed with this name in all the linked Projects.



Cross Project Customization


The distribution of all the updates done to the Template to all the Linked Projects is necessary access to the "Customization..." section of the Template and select "Cross Project Customization" link





It will load the Linked Project List.


In the toolbar above there are 2 fundamental buttons:

  • Verify
  • Apply Customization


The first one do the Verification of Structure, Fields, Lists, Groups, Requirements Type and Code, so all the shared part.

The second do the update to all the selected projects.